Valiant Comics Fans Unite!

Every once in a while I stop by the site to chat with the gang over there.  It’s a fun place to reminisce and show off some artwork.

I only did 3 or 4 books for Valiant but they were some of the most fun days ever.   On Fridays Bob Layton would have drawing classes!  Not only did we get paid for drawing and writing comic books but we got free art lessons too!  You couldn’t beat that!  Don Perlin was there too and shared his storytelling advice. 

Anyhow, I get asked more frequently now for more sketches and such.  I love drawing those characters since I grew up on the Gold Key comics like Turok, Magnus etc. 

Working in comics is getting so much fun nowadays because of the larger internet audience it’s irresistable.  I’m studying up on my coloring techniques at present and soon as I feel comfortable I’ll be posting more stuff.

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This post was written by evolbaby on November 25, 2007


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