Working on two novels, “The UFO Mafia” and “Dandy The Dumb Blonde Horse”

Well, I’ve got to make that money and to hedge my bets I’m still working on two novels.

The first is called “The UFO Mafia” which chronicles the UFO phenomenon that I ran into while living in the Hudson Valley are aof New York State. It’s all true and has data that you won’t believe and may scare you out of your wits. It’s got lots of humor though. The second novel is a somewhat drama about a Palomino filly named Dandy who gets into trouble when she ruins her mistress’ wedding.

She’s up against evil county animal control agents and a sinister rancher family of a man and his two cruel sons. Dandy’s family are the good folks who own a large ranch with horses and other livestock and when Dandy is threatened to be removed by the county workers she escapes with the help of a couple of friends, a Peregrine falcon and an old hound dog. Together they venture into the nearby desert and get tangled up with a herd of wild horses. From there Dandy and the characters find themselves swept up into a supernatural adventure pitting good against evil, nature against science and true love.

This book is funny, very funny but it’s got some elements that will have you on the edge of your seat with action and adventure no one has read or seen before. If you love horses and stories of ancient alien artifacts and the bonds of family as well as the challenges two people in love face you’ll love this book. Dandy will be out before “The UFO Mafia” and so far the reviews are stellar. Far better than I had even dreamed of. So stay tuned for further info!

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This post was written by Greg Boone on November 24, 2013 Stem Cell Treatment Campaign Donations Needed

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Hey gang, as you may know I’m in desparate need of one of the new stem cell treatments for my heart. I started a fundraising campaign at but that is slow. I decided to boost my chances by using So if you want to donate just click here.

What the treatment does is uses one’s own stem cells to repari damaged tissue. In this case it’s the heart. It’s a three day procedure and then just go home and watch the miracles occur. I’ve sent dozens of people to such treatments as I work for the Repair Stem Cell Institute. Nowadays the technology is so amazing that in a few weeks to a few months people who couldn’t walk two feet are outside riding bikes and jogging. So hep out if you can or share on Facebook please.

Greg Boone

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This post was written by Greg Boone on November 24, 2013



Hey folks, i have a heart condition that is dangerous. Only way out iw with stem cell therapy. I’ve worked in the stem cell industry for six years now and have seen the miracles performed. now i’m in need. If you can donate a dollar or more that would be awesome. the reason is insurance companies in the u.s. can’t insure these treatments because the fda hasn’t approved them yet. Other countries in the world are 10 years ahead of the u.s. In treatments for heart conditions and other conditions. So i have to go to another country to stay alive. Makes sense don’t it?

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This post was written by Greg Boone on October 31, 2013

Enter The Space Fool!

Enter The Space Fool!

Yes here’s one of my old toons “Space Fool” about a geek scientist who gets trapped in the future of his own dreams but can’t enjoy it.

His flesh had been separated from his bones and took on a life of its own as an evil arch nemesis bent on ruining the future by bringing back the ways of greeed and avarice of today.

Cover to Greg Boone's comic book "Space Fool"

Cover to Greg Boone’s comic book “Space Fool”

In order to stop his own demented living flesh he uses his scientific know how and dons the mantle of The Masked Skull, a somewhat super hero who ends up in more trouble than he’s worth. It’s this juxtaposition and absurdity that makes this comic book fun and with his futuristic space buddies and constant prying, but a beautiful reporter, the battle is on for Farquar to reintegrate himself and his ever growling blob of flesh before the future ends up looking like

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Greg Boone on the Jeff Rense Program Sept. 3, 2013

Hey gang, I’ll be on the Jeff Rense Program on Tuesday night from 8-9 pm PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME!

The reason why I’ll be on the radio program is because four weeks ago I literally died in the hospital and they revived me.

Yep you got that right, I’m one of those very rare people who have died and been resurrected.

What happened? You have to tune in on Tuesday night to find out. In addition, I’ll be giving Jeff two exclusive UFO news tips that should rock your socks.

What happened on the other side? You’ll find out Tuesday night!

You can tune in for FREE by going to this link:

Click here to listen to the program

You’ll be able to use a choice of radio software to listen to the program.

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Charles Zembillas of the famous Animation Nation speaks his mind about teachers!

This is Mr. Charles Zembillas creator of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. He runs the ever popular Animation Nation in beautiful downtown Burbank. He also runs the Animation Academy the premiere school for people wanting to learn animation, animation design and more.

In this video Charles talks about how some students just don’t appreciate their teachers and will act like their education is all due to themselves. It’s a selfish and delusional practice that always leads to the self centered artist getting busted and losing their integrity.

Reconize yo!

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Probate Lawyer In Houston, Texas

When times like the passing of a loved one happen there’s always that probate issue to face. Most times things usually run smoothly but at other times there can be bumps in the road and you’ll need a Probate Lawyer Houston TX. Family can get into arguments during probate and things get so messed up that there’s no way to settle them except when an attorney is around. They’ll look at the will and the estate and by each step interpret what is owed you or your responsibilities. This could be the difference between being very wealthy or left out entirely. It could end up being that close family suddenly turn into vicious rivals that the courts can’t deal with and everyone ends up without anything until the courts can finally sort things out. To avoid all this misery you get yourself Probate Attorney Houston TX and make sure you avoid the pitfalls of probate.

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My Greyhound Bus Trip From Hell

Recently I had to get from one of the middle Atlantic states back to New York. I chose Greyhound bus lines because I hadn’t done a bus trip in decades. They also had Wi Fi.

What I had to go through was nightmarish at some points and I have to draw a cartoon of it. So stay tuned to this one.

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