Hey folks, i have a heart condition that is dangerous. Only way out iw with stem cell therapy. I’ve worked in the stem cell industry for six years now and have seen the miracles performed. now i’m in need. If you can donate a dollar or more that would be awesome. the reason is insurance companies in the u.s. can’t insure these treatments because the fda hasn’t approved them yet. Other countries in the world are 10 years ahead of the u.s. In treatments for heart conditions and other conditions. So i have to go to another country to stay alive. Makes sense don’t it?

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This post was written by Greg Boone on October 31, 2013

Enter The Space Fool!

Enter The Space Fool!

Yes here’s one of my old toons “Space Fool” about a geek scientist who gets trapped in the future of his own dreams but can’t enjoy it.

His flesh had been separated from his bones and took on a life of its own as an evil arch nemesis bent on ruining the future by bringing back the ways of greeed and avarice of today.

Cover to Greg Boone's comic book "Space Fool"

Cover to Greg Boone’s comic book “Space Fool”

In order to stop his own demented living flesh he uses his scientific know how and dons the mantle of The Masked Skull, a somewhat super hero who ends up in more trouble than he’s worth. It’s this juxtaposition and absurdity that makes this comic book fun and with his futuristic space buddies and constant prying, but a beautiful reporter, the battle is on for Farquar to reintegrate himself and his ever growling blob of flesh before the future ends up looking like

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Greg Boone on the Jeff Rense Program Sept. 3, 2013

Hey gang, I’ll be on the Jeff Rense Program on Tuesday night from 8-9 pm PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME!

The reason why I’ll be on the radio program is because four weeks ago I literally died in the hospital and they revived me.

Yep you got that right, I’m one of those very rare people who have died and been resurrected.

What happened? You have to tune in on Tuesday night to find out. In addition, I’ll be giving Jeff two exclusive UFO news tips that should rock your socks.

What happened on the other side? You’ll find out Tuesday night!

You can tune in for FREE by going to this link:

Click here to listen to the program

You’ll be able to use a choice of radio software to listen to the program.

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Charles Zembillas of the famous Animation Nation speaks his mind about teachers!

This is Mr. Charles Zembillas creator of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. He runs the ever popular Animation Nation in beautiful downtown Burbank. He also runs the Animation Academy the premiere school for people wanting to learn animation, animation design and more.

In this video Charles talks about how some students just don’t appreciate their teachers and will act like their education is all due to themselves. It’s a selfish and delusional practice that always leads to the self centered artist getting busted and losing their integrity.

Reconize yo!

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Probate Lawyer In Houston, Texas

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My Greyhound Bus Trip From Hell

Recently I had to get from one of the middle Atlantic states back to New York. I chose Greyhound bus lines because I hadn’t done a bus trip in decades. They also had Wi Fi.

What I had to go through was nightmarish at some points and I have to draw a cartoon of it. So stay tuned to this one.

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Get a false arrest lawyer in the Bronx, NY

Ah, the historic section of the Bronx, New York. You can’t beat this burrough for food and excitement. It ranges from picturesque homes to hard and gritty tenements. There’s a famous zoo there and lots of entertainment, art, and especially food and fun. Just bouncing around in the Bronx is enough to make you happy you’re there but sometimes thing s can go wrong like being picked up on a false arrest charge. No one wants that to happen and when it does only a professional lawyer a False Arrest Lawyer Bronx can get you out of this kind of mess. A false arrest charge isn’t just something you beat in court it’s something you fight in civil court too. The police are held to a higher standard not o go around busting people on nonsense. They’re supposed to investigate before arresting. That’s part of your Constitutional rights. Don’t let irresponsible law enforcement make your life miserable, Get yourself a False Arrest Lawyer Bronx right away.

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Awesome gaming computers from Boston!

It looks like a paradigm shift in gaming computers with this company’s line up! These gaming computers are so powerful and attractive just looking at them gets the mind racing with all sorts of imaginative potential. We’re talking state of the art and top of the line of the Gaming Computers Boston. From small sized for car entertainment to full blown desktop monster systems with Intel Core 17-3770K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2GB or 4GB EVGA FTW and more. We are talking mega power for you to take over the universe or conquer ancient Rome or even get those cute cartoon characters running around and all that with some 3D glasses too! This company doesn’t fool around one iota and if you’re ready to do get some Gaming Computers Boston you’ll know the right place for the right price and with support you can’t beat. They’ve got their own forums and community too!

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