News! New Coloring Book & Meme SEO Tutorial Ebook!

News!  New Coloring Book & Meme SEO Tutorial Ebook!

Hey there!

Lots of good upcoming news from Boonestoons!

I’ve got a new adult coloring book coming out in early 2018 as a part of an ongoing series. It’s a combination of a coloring book, children’s book, and comic book all rolled into one. It also is a tutorial book on how to do art. With me, you get more book for your buck. You’ll find it available on Amazon. If you have an Amazon affiliate business account you’ll be able to sell the book and make money too!

In addition, I’ll be offering a new ebook regarding the best-kept secret in SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. It’s a sub-category of SEO called “Meme SEO”. It shows how to use memes to make the best of social media and still get listed popularly in the top search engine results.

I’ve been writing weekly articles for several of the country’s top SEO companies for over ten years now. One of my clients owns a meme producing and marketing company for direct market social media. The man is a genius and must be making $600k per month easy. It’s because he invests so much. The small business owner, however, can make as powerful an impact if they know how to create and use memes properly.

That’s where my ebook course on Meme SEO will come in. I’ll show you how to do it easily and affordable and you’ll have fun at it too. So stay tuned!

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This post was written by Greg Boone on November 28, 2017

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