News! New Adult Coloring Book Due & Meme SEO Tutorial!

News!  New Adult Coloring Book Due & Meme SEO Tutorial!

Well, here we are at the end of 2017. There’s lots of news to catch up on but the two primary ones are that I’ve got a new adult coloring book due out in early 2018. It’s going to be part of an ongoing series of just not coloring books but is a combination coloring book, children’s book, and comic book.

There’s a lot of merchandise along with it and it’s all about the adventures of the cutest cartoon characters ever. I didn’t just want to put out a run-of-the-mill coloring book, but something special. My coloring books also have extra art for applying multiple coloring tools like paints, crayons, pens, and more. I mean you’re really getting more bang for your coloring buck.

Here’s a pic of the cover of the promo of the book.

In addition, I’ll be focusing on the best-kept secret in Search Engine Optimization or SEO called ‘Meme SEO’. It’s a sub-category that most don’t know about because the top SEO companies don’t talk about it. It uses social media and your blogs to get that organic traffic you’re looking for in ways you didn’t even think of.

I’ve been writing SEO industry articles for several of the country’s top SEO companies for 10 years now. I figure it’s time for me to cut loose with a secret I’ve been keeping and put it into an ebook course. I’ll post here when the course is ready. It shows how to use memes to get targeted traffic and conversion into sales as well as retain surfers.

It works best if you’re a cartoonist but just about anyone can do this if they know how to post on Facebook or Twitter! Not only that but it’s fun and you can have Meme SEO parties with your friends! You can do it all from just your smartphone too. There are companies that invest tons of money in memes and one company I worked for must be making $600k a month from meme SEO alone. For the small business owner, this approach to SEO for small businesses is just fine.

My new coloring book and Meme SEO tutorial ebook will be available for affiliate marketing so you’ll be able to make money sitting on your tush while I’ve done all the work.

Stick around to Boonestoons. Opportunities aplenty and loads of fun.

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This post was written by Greg Boone on November 28, 2017

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