HANCOCK: Movie Review

Will Smith and Charlize Theron star in a sendup on superheroism in “HANCOCK”. 

That’s about the only exciting thing about the movie is that both stars are in it.

Some how, some way, along the line, someone forgot something called DIRECTING.  This movie looks like it was directed by the guy who stands up in the third row of the bleachers to handycam his 8 year-old playing football.  Why use a shakey camera to film people in a setting where intense drama is supposed to occur?  It looked worse than those tv commercials where someone is embarrassed to discuss some hygiene problem. 

The movie had a good premise about a man with super powers who has lost his memory, ( Can anyone say Wolverine from the X Men?) and has people problems as he continually causes collateral damage whilst in the midst of do gooding.  He then becomes involved with a public relations executive and his family who decides to help Hancock, Smith, and the story unravels from there as we learn more about this super powered anti-hero.

Here’s more of the problem.  When we write comic books we are sticklers for some form of realism.  It all began with the infamous Marvel ‘No Prize’ which was handed out monthly by Marvel Comics to readers who noticed obvious flaws in their stories.  They would publish these observations and the reader would get a ‘No Prize’.  Such things like noticing Spider-Man grabbing those kids in the first Spidey movie where he swings down to save them from a speeding car but somehow it doesn’t hurt the kids that he does impact them at 70 mph. 

So the No Prize goes to Hancock for no collateral damage to the wardrobe.  In the movie Hancock is wearing regular clothing and he stops a car with his feet and his shoes are okay.  Mind you he stuck his feet through the floor of a car at 100 mph using his feet as brakes like Fred Flintstone but his shoes are a-okay.  Stronger than the asphalt that got chewed up by his super feat.

This goes on throughout the movie except in one scene where Hancock’s clothes got burned. 

Anyhow, the movie is good for some chuckles but reminds me of something else like some other movie or script that got sampled like a cheap rap record that no one will know about.

Smith, Theron, Jason Bateman as the PR man are such super talents and it’s a shame to see them wasted here.  The movie will probably make a mint at the box office as it does have popcorn movie charm but the language is harsh for the wee ones.

All in all the movie’s storytelling didn’t say ” a fallen hero’s rise to redemtion.” instead it said ” interracial marriages don’t work.”

Oh, I liked the car stuck on the Capitol Records building.  Good to see Los Angeles have a superhero fight even though when they filmed this movie they screwed up our traffic even more.

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This post was written by evolbaby on July 3, 2008

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