Star Trek Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica

Well I finally got the chance to watch both television series “Star Trek Enterprise” and “Battlestar Galactica”. The 2000 “Battlestar Galactica” that is, starring Edward James Olmos. I couldn’t watch the shows when they were on the air but now thanks to Netflix I was able to catch up on them. Being an original Trekkie, Continue reading →

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  X MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE I’ll be the first to admit I was not going to attend this movie in fears that Hollywood had begun to sink into that cycle of shlock that several times over the past 30 years has plagued the comic book industry and that’s going for the easy, cheap sale.  I Continue reading →

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Review: Star Trek 2009

    Oh God!  False eyelashes, mega mascara, mini skirts, and Go Go Boots in space!   Leave it up to the Star Trek franchise to ” Boldly go where nothing makes sense anymore “.   I know the millions of Trekkies ( yeah, we’re called “Trekkers” now but I’m an old skool fan and Continue reading →

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Bob May aka The Lost In Space Robot, passes away at 69…

I’m sad to find out that Bob May, the man who donned the robot outfit and portrayed “The Robot” on the classic tv show “Lost in Space” has passed away at 69 years old. Mr. May was a real show biz guy having grown up in show business in a famous family and took all Continue reading →

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Bioshock Cosplay to the max!

This guy really hooked his Bioshock costume up! It’s on his blog and highly recommended reading. His costume is of one of the game’s featured characters a ‘Big Daddy’, a lumbering brute in a diving suit who protects the Little Sisters, a group of genetically altered girls who harvest dead bodies for a substance called Continue reading →

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