Forgot about another great theme song, “Secret Agent Man!”

I can’t think of another theme song growing up that made more people leap to their feet and do the ‘shin dig’ or ‘the monkey’ and all those weird 60’s dances then the theme for the tv show “Secret Agent” aka “Danger Man”. The show starred Patrick McGoohan as Drake an agent out to foil Continue reading →

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This post was written by Greg Boone on September 23, 2008

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Bioshock hack, cheats, total funny blooper!

Leave it to me to find some way to beat the villain BEFORE the final climax of the game. I’m sitting here half asleep and started playing Bioshock this morning and got to a point where the main villain, Fontaine, attacks me while I’m exiting the bathisphere. Somehow, some way I blasted him with a Continue reading →

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This post was written by Greg Boone on September 9, 2008

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