News! New Coloring Book & Meme SEO Tutorial Ebook!

News!  New Coloring Book & Meme SEO Tutorial Ebook!

Hey there!

Lots of good upcoming news from Boonestoons!

I’ve got a new adult coloring book coming out in early 2018 as a part of an ongoing series. It’s a combination of a coloring book, children’s book, and comic book all rolled into one. It also is a tutorial book on how to do art. With me, you get more book for your buck. You’ll find it available on Amazon. If you have an Amazon affiliate business account you’ll be able to sell the book and make money too!

In addition, I’ll be offering a new ebook regarding the best-kept secret in SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. It’s a sub-category of SEO called “Meme SEO”. It shows how to use memes to make the best of social media and still get listed popularly in the top search engine results.

I’ve been writing weekly articles for several of the country’s top SEO companies for over ten years now. One of my clients owns a meme producing and marketing company for direct market social media. The man is a genius and must be making $600k per month easy. It’s because he invests so much. The small business owner, however, can make as powerful an impact if they know how to create and use memes properly.

That’s where my ebook course on Meme SEO will come in. I’ll show you how to do it easily and affordable and you’ll have fun at it too. So stay tuned!

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News! New Adult Coloring Book Due & Meme SEO Tutorial!

News!  New Adult Coloring Book Due & Meme SEO Tutorial!

Well, here we are at the end of 2017. There’s lots of news to catch up on but the two primary ones are that I’ve got a new adult coloring book due out in early 2018. It’s going to be part of an ongoing series of just not coloring books but is a combination coloring book, children’s book, and comic book.

There’s a lot of merchandise along with it and it’s all about the adventures of the cutest cartoon characters ever. I didn’t just want to put out a run-of-the-mill coloring book, but something special. My coloring books also have extra art for applying multiple coloring tools like paints, crayons, pens, and more. I mean you’re really getting more bang for your coloring buck.

Here’s a pic of the cover of the promo of the book.

In addition, I’ll be focusing on the best-kept secret in Search Engine Optimization or SEO called ‘Meme SEO’. It’s a sub-category that most don’t know about because the top SEO companies don’t talk about it. It uses social media and your blogs to get that organic traffic you’re looking for in ways you didn’t even think of.

I’ve been writing SEO industry articles for several of the country’s top SEO companies for 10 years now. I figure it’s time for me to cut loose with a secret I’ve been keeping and put it into an ebook course. I’ll post here when the course is ready. It shows how to use memes to get targeted traffic and conversion into sales as well as retain surfers.

It works best if you’re a cartoonist but just about anyone can do this if they know how to post on Facebook or Twitter! Not only that but it’s fun and you can have Meme SEO parties with your friends! You can do it all from just your smartphone too. There are companies that invest tons of money in memes and one company I worked for must be making $600k a month from meme SEO alone. For the small business owner, this approach to SEO for small businesses is just fine.

My new coloring book and Meme SEO tutorial ebook will be available for affiliate marketing so you’ll be able to make money sitting on your tush while I’ve done all the work.

Stick around to Boonestoons. Opportunities aplenty and loads of fun.

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What’s New With Adult Coloring Books?

Adult Coloring Books

For the past year or so, I’ve been hearing about coloring books. People seemed to have disappeared into social groups where all they do all day and night is color. I remember the fun I had as a kid using coloring books. We had a plethora of them, because a company called Western Publishing used to print them all.

We’d have coloring books based on historical figures, movie stars, television stars, sports stars, politicians, animals, you name it, there was a coloring book based on it.

They weren’t that elaborate, just nicely inked line work that actually resembled the objects of the book’s intent. We had Crayola Crayons and we would use all sorts of coloring approaches and techniques. As soon as we used up on coloring book, we went on to another. They didn’t cost much but sometimes the choice ones were hard to find.

Nowadays, the new boom is in the area of adult coloring books. These are coloring books that are a bit more sophisticated in design, as adults like to spend the time coloring every detail and nuance. Many of these designs are brilliant, and the pioneers in this area have made lucrative careers selling them .

Now that some have proven how much money can be made from these books, the usual wave of get-rich-quikers has muddied the pool. You’ve got people stealing art from wherever they can get it to publish hack coloring books at premium prices. You’ve got internet marketing gurus who claim they can show you how to make a fortune creating your own coloring books when in fact all they’re doing is using other people’s artwork via clipart. People buy this stuff to publish and then find out later the art wasn’t royalty free and now they’re looking at a lawsuit or two.

You just can’t introduce a product nowadays without the low-brows messing it up.

There are, however, some brilliant publishers who work hard at their craft. It’s a situation of separating the chaff from the wheat, but the glut is still there as the publishing houses don’t screen for quality.

All is not lost, though.

I’ll be producing a few coloring books that go along with my already established cartoons and comic books. In addition, I’ve made deals with large companies to produce some art.
It’ll be fun to see how things go but it’ll take time. I do charitable work and I’m scheduled for two coloring books for hospitals to raise money.

Stay tuned for more about adult coloring books and coloring books in general, there may be some surprises ahead!

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Today’s Editorial Cartoon

Today's Editorial Cartoon

Here’s today’s editorial cartoon. I couldn’t resist going after Dr. Ben Carson. His public statements regarding history are hysterical.

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Adding Cartoons To Copywriting Is Cool

Lots of people ask me to addd cartoons when I’m writing articles for their websites, blogs, etc..

Cartoons are a universal way of communicating as they’re so easy to understand when done right. There was a time in the world when newspapers couldn’t do without cartoons. People would rush to the newsstands to get their favorite magazine or newspaper just to catch up on their favorite cartoon characters such as Popeye, Peanuts, Dondi, Terry and the Pirates, Dick Tracy, Blondie, and hundreds of others.

In addition were the editorial cartoons the most powerful cartoon format there is. Entire countries could be done in with a series of editorial cartoons alone. It’s how the United States came to power as several of the Founding Fathers were cartoonists and took a swipe at then King George. Those cartoons rallied the colonies and the United States of America was born.

Cartoons and copywriting on the internet are following the same patter. Thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and others, we cartoonist/writers can hit twice with a well written article backed up by a great cartoon. These cartoons and articles get shared like crazy on the social networking sites and it’s not uncommon to find one’s work being shared all over the planet in a matter of hours. Even older works that suddenly get discovered can reach new heights much to the pleasure of my editors and publishers.

My editors and publishers are people I’ve known for years and some just met. We know the ins and outs of search engine optimization aka SEO and that cartoons going along with copy well tagged means higher rankings in the search engines like Google. People looking for a cartoon about some topic or other or an article can easily find it with the right query string.

It’s lots of fun illustrating stories I’ve written and getting the fan mail is an uplifting experience.

So if you’re wondering how to make money writing on the internet, consider using cartoons along with your copywriting.

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Making Money With Teespring T-Shirts!

Teespring! A new way to make money with t-shirts online?

There have been lots of money making crazes online over the years and some pan out while others do not. It depends on many factors to the road to success but the latest craze is with t-shirts via a sight called Teespring.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is an unique approach to selling t-shirt related merchandise that makes it easy as pie for people around the world to create, market, and get paid with t-shirts. It has literally taken the marketing world by storm and generated millions of dollars for people who normally might be struggling at a 9 to 5 job or some other dreary existence.

Teespring has a simple interface and signup that gets you started right away with your own designs or help from Teespring itself. It is so simple that teenagers and seniors are finding it fun and lucrative. It does not mean that everyone becomes a t-shirt whiz but you get a fighting chance, it doesn’t cost anything up front.

What is a Teespring Campaign?

A Teespring Campaign is what the process of selling t-shirts via Teespring is called. It has a set number of shirts to sell during a set time period to ensure that there are enough requests to justify printing and shipping. Meet those goals that you set and you make money.

Is Teespring the only t-shirt company that has a business model like this?

No, but it led the pack. Now everybody and their brother is doing it which can increase one’s chances of success. Each online t-shirt company has it’s own rules and not all are ethical. The plus side is that there are so many watchdog groups that any online t-shirt company that cheats or any online t-shirt marketer that cheats can be found out quick and answer to the law.

How can I make money selling t-shirts online?

This is a question I’m often asked and can say you have to find what fits you. Look around at the various t-shirt companies and see what they offer. Check out the market trends and ask successful marketers. Be careful of the get-rich-quick-gurus who promise the stars. If they really made that much money they wouldn’t be telling people about it or selling high-priced courses.


Teespring has done wonders for lots of people and it’s not without its bugs but time will iron these things out.

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Make Money Online With Internet Marketing! Get This Newsletter!


Okay, I’ve been making money online since the early ’90s. People get jealous when I would tell them I sit at home eating chocolate cake and drinking milkshakes and playing video games for a living. It’s because I grew up around computes and the internet before it became commercial. I wish I had listened to wiser heads and been GREEDY.

Nowadays I do the same thing but more of it. Work at home or wherever there is broadband or an internet connection. I’m an artist and writer so I cover a lot of bases often changing up my routine to take the best advantage of today’s markets and opportunities.

Believe me, if I can make money online YOU can make money online.

I’ve seen senior citizens end up with awesome incomes once they got their gig on. Kids in high school and college. Moms who had no exec skills and artists who couldn’t get a break if they tried. Now these people are raking in tons of money and I wish I had studied more but there’s a whole new day now thanks to social networking.

So my newsletter will come out frequently with lots of freebies, tutorials, courses, webinars and more.

Click here for my Internet Marketing Newsletter!

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